NEW !! Accell

Accell, founded by Patricia George on the accordion and Eline Duerinck on the cello, offers a rare and original instrumentation : buttons and strings, bellows and bow strokes, wood and steel, join, challenge one another and finally agree producing a rich and unique sound. 
This musical duo invites you into their world of sensivity and viruosity. Their timbre and individuality offer the listener a versatile and unique program. 
"Where words leave off, music begins." - Heinrich Heine​

Eline Duerinck - cello, Patricia George - accordion



Six musicians at present mainly absorbed in the nostalgic, sensual, delicate but distinctive tango music revolving around Astor Piazzolla.

Michael de Weert - traverse flute, Bram Decroix - double bass, Patricia George - accordion, Sarah Vandendriessche - guitar, Tine Van Parys - cello, Bart Zwaan - piano


CIRCACINCO and Me Gusta el Tango

A tango show with live music and dance, if desired preceded by a dance initiation and the possibility to tango after the show.

Michael de Weert - traverse flute, Bram Decroix - double bass, Patricia George - accordion, Sarah Vandendriessche - guitar, Tine Van Parys - cello, Bart Zwaan - piano, Saskia Van Belleghem, Tamira Van Bastelaere, Steven Coppens and Patrick Christens - dance, André Vermaerke - director


THE BEDS ARE SO DEEP - accordionpoems

Poet Sacha Blé (°1971) and accordionist Patricia George (°1969) join their forces and serve a subdued mix of word and music. Blé reads from his work, George makes a solo appearance with own music between the poems on accordion. You will meet 2 styles, 2 voices, 1 sound.

Sacha Blé - poet, ​Patricia George - accordion


TRICOLORE : from romance to contemporary

With this somewhat unusual occupation, the three musicians go on a discovery trip through different musical genres and styles. The music ensemble looks for surprising colors and touching harmonies while retaining their own idiom. In addition to play music of their own, the three brings the stories behind the songs and arias of well-known and lesser-known composers to life.

Rémy Roux - bassoon, Leen Suetens - vocals, ​Patricia George - accordion

TEARS OF A MERMAID by Evert De Maeyer, musique composed by Patricia George

"Tears of a Mermaid" is a short film by Evert De Maeyer, projected at the International Dance Film Festival Brussels 2017. Music composed by Patricia George with improvisations by Andriu t-Deplazes and Flavia Passigli.

Patricia George - accordionFlavia Passigli - cello, Andriu t-Deplazes - clarinet


" Il était une fois" (complete version) written by Patricia George with improvisations by Andriu t-Deplazes, Flavia Passigli and Patricia George for the short film "Tears of a Mermaid" (2017) by Evert De Maeyer.

Patricia George - accordionFlavia Passigli - cello, Andriu t-Deplazes - clarinet

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at exhibitions, weddings, funerals, events, ...


PEER (4+) by Laika co-produced by BonteHond

Peer lives on his own. His life is well-ordered and punctual. Until someone secretly comes to live to his cupboard. In Peer’s little house, she cannot remain hidden for long. Rosa is a foreigner looking for a new home. From now on, everything will be different. 
Gert Jochems and Deniz Polatoglu Colen - performers, Patricia George - music, Noël Fisher - script and director, Marianne Burgers - design, Bart Van den Eynde - dramaturgy

KARUSSELL (2+) : a theatrical concert by Pantalone about sounds and colours

In Karussell an actor takes you on a musical and colourful journey with a violin, a cello and an accordion. While the carousel is slowly rotating, poetic silence and joyful ecstasy constantly alternate with each other.

Abdeslam Hadj Oujennaou - actor, Katrien De Bièvre - violin, Karel Steylaerts - cello, Patricia George - accordion, Filip Bral - concept, composition and sound design, Heike Kossmann - director, Jef Loots - lighting design, Geert Willems en Peter Lauwers - technique, Elisabeth Houtart - costumes and objects, Eva Sauermann - objects, Aeroíx - hot air balloon, Airstar - balloon technique​

image-69781-foto Pantoffeltrein 6.jpg?1459442585095

THE SLIPPER TRAIN (2,5+) : a musical journey to the land of the senses, by Pantalone

Every noon, Marie, Abdes, Pat and Jef go to the station. When the hands of the clock give them a sign, Abdes, the guard, takes his whistle from his pocket, blows it three times and shouts:”Attention platform 7! The slipper train is leaving in a few moments. All aboard and close your eyes!” What happens next? The young and the old set off to the land of the senses.

Marie-Rose Mayele - performer and vocals, Abdes Hadj Oujennaou - performer, Patricia George -accordion, Filip Bral - percussion and sound decor, Jef Loots - guard, Filip Bral - concept and composition, Heike Kossmann - director, Jef Loots - scenography and lighting design, Geert Willems, Peter Lauwers - engineering and logistics​


DOUDOU (3+) : a project by Joinda vzw (an association without lucrative purpose) and composer/director Johan Derycke, residing in Pantalone

Doudou tells the story of Knuffel. Knuffel lives with Emma, in the big house. Together they go on exciting adventures. When Emma doesn’t come home one night, Knuffel hits the trail on his own.

Anja Kowalski - performer and vocals, Patricia George - accordion, Johan Derycke - music, film and director, Claudine Grinwis Plaat Stultjens-costumes, Jef Loots - lighting design, Peter Lauwers - engineering



MONDAY (5+) : a rabbit ballet by Pantalone and Blauwe Engel

A musical theatre about a day and a night in the life of a rabbit. Not just about digging up carrots and hopping through the dunes. Also about a brave heart and the fear for the dark. A rabbit ballet, a moving picture book of sorts, performed by three actors and four musicians, with live entertainment and music of Bartok, Shostakovich, Kreisler and Piazzolla a.o.

Gert JochemsEsther de Koning and Katrien Verrydt - performers, Katrien De Bièvre and Jerôme AkokaPeter Despiegelaere or Igor Semenoff - violins, Karel Steylaerts or Gabriella Stümpel - cello, Patricia George -accordion, Noël Fischer - script and director,  Filip Bral - musical concept, Marianne Burgers - scene image and costums, Esther de Koning - texts, Frankie Goethals - lighting design, Bart Van den Eynde​ - dramaturgy, Geert Willems - engineering 



OF THREE OLD MEN WHO DIDN'T WANT TO DIE, co-produced by St. Hussaarts &Van Lohuizen and HETPALEIS

They don’t want to die, these Three Old Men. When they weren’t paying attention for a second, their lives had gone by. When they receive a letter telling them that their days are numbered, they are furious and send it back. They just haven’t got the time to die!

Ferdie JanssenRobert van Leeuwen and Kees van der Vooren - performers and vocals, Rita Rommes - marimba, Caroline Beernaert - double bass, Patricia George - accordion, Suzanne van Lohuizen - text, Guus Ponsioen - composition, Josee Hussaarts - director

image-70255-La tristeza complice.png?1459843790803

LA TRISTEZA COMPLICE, a production of Les Ballets C. de La B. and Het Muziek Lod, co-produced by Théâtre de la Ville, Kunstencentrum Vooruit, deSingel and K.I.T.-Kanonhallen 

Imagine this: a station and the train isn’t coming. You think you know the place, you feel quite comfortable there, but if you have to sit there for some time, you stop recognizing things. Something like that.

Koen Augustijnen, Philippe Beloul, Ronald Burchi, Gabriela Carrizo, Katherine Cogill, Séverine Tessa, Samual Louwyck, Abdelaziz Sarrokh, Minne Vosteen en Angélique Willkie - dance, Necati Köylü, Ian Mattan / Nelis Cosyns, Thomas Dhanens - children, Edwig Abrath, Freddy Caelen, Gwen Cresens, Patricia George, Wim Kestens, Ludo Mariën, Ivan Smeulders, Mike Smeulders, Jürgen Steenkiste and Philippe Thuriot - accordion,  Eurudike De Beul or Fazila Ugljesa-Hadzifejzovic - vocals, Alain Platel - director, Dick van der Harst naar Henry Purcell - music, Hildegard De Vuyst - dramaturgy, William Phlips - scenography